Web Maintenance

Awesome Support!
Services by ticket, email and phone

We offer web support in the following areas:

  • Email support
  • Content changes
  • Online contact forms
  • Website security
  • WordPress upgrades
  • Adding or changing pictures
  • Most web work is done the same day

Website Maintenance With Fast Services

Website maintenance is becoming much more important these days as it seems almost everyone needs a site in order to function properly. Picking the correct company to manage your page can be quite the daunting task at times. As we move forward technologically the need for a web management service is only going to get more important, especially with more people getting online by the day. This is where a company like Connect Locals Web Services comes in handy, we take care of everything you could need in terms of making sure your site stays up and functional.

Month To Month Maintenance

The biggest positive to Connect Locals is the month-to-month plans with no contract. This means we work hard each month to make sure we earn and keep your business.

We Offer Fast Turn Around Web Services

Connect Locals Web Service offers an easy submission system for trouble tickets direct through email. This offers a traceable queue that guarantees you a quick completion. Connect Locals offers a proactive maintenance program by monitoring your page for peak performance. You’ll also receive website systems made unique to your particular installation will require updates and maintenance on a regular cycle. If it’s a critical situation, such as a security patch, it’s done immediately. All less critical come to you as a ticket and await your approval before completion.

Very Competitive Web Service Rates

Connect Locals Web Maintenance Services has a goal of a two business days for any issues that takes less than a couple hours to complete, most of the time tasks are done the same day. If you have multiple sites you can cover all on the time purchased or split it along all the sites. Connect offers plans starting at $100 a month and going up depending on your needs.

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