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Your Website Is The Most Cost Effective Way of Producing New Customers

Websites are the lifeblood of business these days, or so it would seem, if you’ve got a company and you’re looking to get your information out to the public you’re going to need a website. Whether you’re a start-up or a company that’s been around for ages, you could always do more to draw people to whatever you’re selling to them, you may be doing well but at the end of the day if you had a website available it could be even better.
Once you’ve got a website you need to start thinking about what it’s going to take to monetize that page, it’s not just enough to get the page up on the internet, you’re going to want that site to make you money. There are many different ways to go about getting your website to work toward putting money into your bank account, one of those options is the Pay Per Click advertising. Utilizing this method to monetize your website by giving you a payment every time that an ad is clicked on your page, it’s a nice way to keep money coming in while also driving up customer traffic to your business, whatever you may be promoting.

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Does your website attract enough visitors?

Grow Your Business With Connect Locals Connect Your Business to Real Customers Best Experience. Best Local Search. Best Results Be found on the Internet, our local website search engine experience removes artificial location boundaries to ensure your service business appears where it should when someone searches your company.

  • Don’t just be seen, get the call for your service.
  • Make a lasting website impression.
  • Speak the language and get real results!

Our custom local optimization are designed to ensure your message is heard across local listings. Every new website is carefully crafted to help you better your targeted audience.

All New Websites Are Responsive (Mobile and Tablet Friendly)

Are you identifying potential customers from ordinary visitors and converting these leads into buyers? If you use your website for business, these are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. You should be able to attract visitors and engage them in a productive way.
Then you should be able to monitor their actions on your site. It’s been observed that if visitors find that they have to click through a dozen pages before they find what they are looking for then they become irritated and may even lose interest. And in some instances they may even opt away from your business and try finding the product from a different provider. That’s why you need to be keen with the design of the site. Your pages must load quickly enough and the navigation must be designed in a way that visitors find what they’re looking for within two to three clicks.

At Connect Locals, we first ensure that you’re getting visitors to your site then help you narrow into your target market, and finally ensure that you’re engaging these visitors in the right way and turning them into buyers. This we do in a series of steps;

All New Websites are optimized for search engines

Using our technique and vast experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we develop sites that are search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) friendly. This optimization starts with the structuring of the website right through content creation and to submission. In designing the website, we interlink the pages in a way that makes them easily navigable – a feature that will help keep visitors on the site for longer periods. Depending on the agreement between us and the customer, we can take your website to the first page of Google or even get you to the first position on the first page and help you stay there. What’s more is that we submit the website directly to the major search engines.

Content creation

They say content is king at we completely agree with that. Great content is what keeps visitors reading on. And if they’re impressed, it gets them coming back. Great websites are those that offer the visitor fresh and helpful content. By analyzing your business needs, we will help you with selecting keywords and even assist with strategically positioning these keywords throughout the website – it’s another great way of optimizing your pages for search engines.

WordPress for blogging

Alongside site content, we understand that you need frequent blog posts to help you engage your visitors. For this reason, all our websites come with WordPress where you can always post fresh content.

Local search optimization

If you’d like to optimize your business for a particular location, we have all the tools to ensure that these people are finding you with ultimate ease. By describing the business location through street addresses, zip codes, and business hours among others, you can rest assured that people in your locality will find you at the top of search engine results for the targeted keyword.

Responsive design

People are going mobile and we’re aware of that. So when we design your website, the first thing we’ll ensure is that the website is rendered consistently on different browsers (mobile, tablet, PCs etc) without losing crucial content such as images.

  • We have an Optional Payment Plan that we encourage you to take advantage of.

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